Welcome to my Blog!!

Hello world! This is my first official blog post. Squeeeeeee!!! I am not sure what I am going to blog about or how often I will get on here.

I guess I will start by introducing myself. My name is Vicki. I was born, raised, and still live in South Texas. I have been married for 12 years and I have a 7 yr old son and a 4 yr old daughter. I am a 5th grade teacher, currently teaching Science and Social Studies-even though my degree is in Math (go figure). I have been teaching for 9 years.

I am currently obsessed with reading. I would say that it borders on addiction, but I am still in the denial phase- so just saying that is a big step. Stop judging me!! I sometimes read instead of cleaning house, grading papers, and spending time with my family, but like I said- DENIAL!

The worst part is, I’m not even alone in this obsession. I have a friend at work and we constantly recommend books back and forth. Of course, she has a maid, so I am sure that she is not experiencing the same level of discourse that is being felt in my household. It’s Armageddon over here, or at least it looks like it. I mean, as I type I am wondering if my son has clean underwear for school tomorrow. I have, again, managed to not finish the laundry.

I am going to go put a load in- mostly underwear. But I think I figured it out. I am going to just blog about all my obsessions and ya’ll can help me find some balance.

That is all, for now. ~Vicki


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